8 Best Mobile Apps like Live Football TV Scores You Must Vouch For in 2024

Published on: 25 June 2024
8 Best Mobile Apps like Live Football TV Scores You Must Vouch For in 2024
8 Best Mobile Apps like Live Football TV Scores You Must Vouch For in 2024

Football fever is always ON among game lovers! However, reaching out to live stadiums takes work for most out there.

Considering the digitalization it is a user demand to shift sports on mobile devices for improved accessibility and convenience.

If you too are wondering about Mobile Apps like Live Football TV Scores, then this blog is going to help you navigate through the top 8 Football apps, that can help you sizzle and make a hustle live from your phone!

Let’s get started…

1.            SuperSport

In the fans’ sports world, SuperSport is a known name for excellence in live football streaming videos. It allows users to get access to watch and relish a range of sports such as football, cricket, rugby, tennis, golf, and motorsports.

The best part of this app is that its services are not limited to live streaming only but there is written content also available that helps users to gain additional information about their favorite sports person and sports and explore every detail around it.

From the development perspective, this app has incredible functionalities that make it compatible with almost all smartphones available. Indeed, this app is all about super-smooth app interface with an availability on iOS and Android platforms.

Worth mentioning here is the app slates to offer reasonable streaming video quality that is 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K.

For the pricing model, this app charges nothing and is FREE for all!

2.            ESPN

Indeed, this app is a known name in the world of sports and has all the major broadcasting rights for all major sports.

ESPN is the leader in the sports world and has been trusted for its quality-laden content throughout the years. On the app version, users can get access to multiple sports live events, on-demand news, expert analysis, premium articles, and forecasts that are sufficient to raise the energy level.

Accessing good quality requires high bandwidth for Android and iOS users, also, it is slated to offer premium streaming video quality ranging from 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K.

As far as the pricing model is concerned this app offers a Free model with a subscription model that gives in-app purchases from $10.99/month and $109.99/year. With this subscription, users can access ESPN+ (ESPN+ Subscribers: Stream exclusive live sports and ESPN+ Originals without cable--all in HD).

3.            CBS Sports

Calling this app a serious contender of its predecessor (from this list) will not be wrong! Using this app gives users a powerful live-streaming football experience that goes and extends to other sports as well.

With this app, users can get access to live and post-game coverage, breaking news, expert analysis, video clips, and forecasts that give a rush to the adrenaline.

On the other hand, if users are willing to adjust the visual look of the app per their preference, then this app gives them a free hand.

It is available on iOS and Android platforms, along with Smart & Apple TV offering streaming video quality that ranges across 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K.

One must not forget the app is free with 24/7 free access to soccer channels to stay hooked for live matches, exclusive highlights, and whatnot.

It is noteworthy to mention that, businesses can soak their feet in such Sports App Development to engage their users with the best of live football experience directly from their smartphones.

There is also an option to get a hold of CBS & Paramount events like NFL, UEFA Champions League, Serie A, and many others, under the hood of this app, so fans are not required to run different apps to get a 360 view of football.

4.            Live Soccer TV

When it comes to the Live Soccer TV app, then it does not require an introduction!

The app claims to have more than a million downloads on the Google Play Store- voila!

Using this app, users can avail consistent live streaming of all major football events and not just on one but multiple official channels.

Surprisingly, this app comes packed with more than 4000 channels that are available across the geographies, making this app more popular.

Users get easy options to find the fixtures, dates, and timing of upcoming matches, so they don’t miss out on the important matches and their schedules.

One of the striking features of this app is that it omits the hurdles of annoying ads which are a common factor in the free apps.

This app allows users to relish clutter-free live-streaming without skipping the unnecessary trauma of forceful ad breaks.

For users there is good news- this app is available on Android & iOS and offers mesmerizing streaming video quality that extends to 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K.

The pricing for this app is set as free and there is a subscription model as well where users need to pay £4.99 per year and/or  £0.99 per month, based on the preference.

5.            Live NetTV

This app works closely with its name and is a gaming haven for sports enthusiasts who are willing to dig into football even when they are away from the ground. This app gives them every bit of information through live streaming from ground zero. Users can access a multitude of sports and other entertainment channels at the cost of nothing.

This app is bliss for gaming lovers as it allows Android users to access above 700 channels that are dedicated to live football streaming and other shows for soccer only. Does this excite you???

But wait, there is much more!

It brings a huge number of channels that showcase multiple links for a live transaction, which gives the advantage to the users to switch to another server/link if one is creating some sort of glitches while accessing the live match.

Although, at the moment this app is only available for Android platforms you never know what the future holds!

The app is committed to offering streaming video quality ranging from 480p, 720p, 1080p, to 4K.

There is a glut of live channels supported by this app that is beyond 800+ and also compatible with Chromecast and External Player.

As far as the pricing is concerned, this app is free along with a subscription model which ranges from £4.99/year and £0.99/month.

6.            Live Football on TV

Are you a fan of live football but always yearn for a seamless streaming experience?

Then your search ends here, as this app is designed to offer a frictionless streaming experience without any technical glitch that can obstruct the view.

This app is not limited to live football streaming through one resource channel only but has its wings extended to multiple official channels available on this app.

If you are wondering how much does this app cost? Then there is a good news waiting for you!

This app is free to use and does not limit the plethora of information it comes packed with. It offers every required information regarding football matches in the form of news, highlights, analysis, forecasts, and schedules to keep the soccer spirit always high!

Lastly, this app can be availed on Android & iOS platforms and has assured video quality of 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K.

This app is free, but there is a freemium model also available that offers a subscription that ranges from £4.99 for a year and/or £0.99 for a month- users can select the subscription based on their choice.

7.            AOS TV

Well, as the name suggests, this app is one of the top-ranked apps that is charting higher to watch live football.

Currently, this app is available for iOS and Android platforms with more than 1000 live streaming channels that are designed to keep users stay glued to their screens for longest possible.

Albeit, this app is free, there is a freemium model also available which offers a subscription that ranges from £4.99 for a year and/or £0.99 for a month- users can select the subscription based on their choice.

8.            Live Football TV

If you are always looking ahead to get the latest updates in and around the football game then your search ends here!

Live Football TV is a synonym for its name and offers everything around Football with exclusive coverage. It offers an engaging football scorecard that becomes an ultimate companion for live football matches, scores, and highlights.

With this app, users can get full coverage of English leagues, European championships, and global competitions without being troubled.

No prize for guessing but this app gives a cherishing user experience wherein they can enjoy real-time updates on matches, lineups, goals, and statistics to stay updated while satiating their sports demands.

At the same time, with this app game lovers can get insights about their favorite team, their scores, and any important information that can keep their energy level high.

The global audience can avail of this app on iOS and Android platforms, and enjoy the top-notch streaming video quality which is slated to be 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K.

And for the pricing model, it is FREE!

 In Conclusion

Football is a language that is spoken and chosen by this sport aficionado, who adores playing, watching, and discussing its nitty gritty. For everyone it is not an affordable option due to time and finance constraints to watch the match live, therefore the aforementioned football apps come as a lifesaver.

Businesses must invest in On-Demand App Development allowing sports lovers to relish the experience at their convenience without being bothered.

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