New Offside Technology Set to be Introduced in the Premier League Next Season

Published on: 26 April 2024
New Offside Technology Set to be Introduced in the Premier League Next Season
New Offside Technology Set to be Introduced in the Premier League Next Season

There have long been calls for an update to offside technology in the English Premier League, with countless instances of high profile errors in crucial games. Some clubs have been rightfully dismayed with mistakes from VAR, with Luis Diaz’s disallowed goal against Tottenham Hotspur one of the worst yet.

Now, there are talks of new technology coming in next season, which will semi-automate offside decisions. This should improve fairness in the game, as well as the viewer experience.

Live Streaming Tech Has Boomed Thanks to Online Casinos

Football fans may have leading online industries to thank for some of the technology creeping into the game, as many developments went through rigorous testing on the internet first. Live streaming first came into play at platforms like online casinos to transmit games such as blackjack to players at home.

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Live streaming technology has been in place at online casinos for more than a decade, and this adoption helped it enter the mainstream. Now, live streaming is being put to myriad uses, with some of its digital features now being used to enhance the football viewing experience.

Viewers Will See Offside Calls in Real Time

One of the most frustrating things about watching football on television is being at the mercy of the broadcaster’s camera angles and choice of shots. A lot of the time, it’s impossible to see whether a player was offside until the replay.  Even then, the replays don’t always show the situation from the correct angle, making it hard to judge from home.

Over the last few years, VAR has come in to deal with most debatable on field offside decisions. When the video assistant is deliberating something, viewers are often shown the lines on the screen that the referees are looking at.

Now, thanks to semi-automated offside technology, this should all happen in real time and bring much more accuracy to proceedings. It will also mean that broadcasters can’t hide anything from viewers at home, who will be able to see the lines on screen thanks to the advances in live streaming.

Calls for Offside Updates Have Been Coming

As the richest sporting league in the world, it’s amazing to think that the Premier League doesn’t yet have an infallible way of judging offside calls. Fans have been dismayed for years about wrongful decisions, and VAR was supposed to fix those errors. However, the new system has brought about various problems of its own.

Semi-automated offside technology could be a significant breakthrough for the EPL. Who knows, soon the game may even have robot referees on the pitch.