Baba Gullit explains why he received a one year ban during his days at Wa All Stars

Published on: 17 April 2020

Former Wa All Stars skipper, Baba Gullit pointed a finger at his former agent Kwasi Yeboah for making him attract a one year ban from football.

In his interview with Don Summer, he revealed the sequence of events that triggered the ban after his outstanding match for the Ghana U20 squad.

“My former agent came claiming me as his player after putting up a good performance with a goal at Burkina Faso which made headlines in our media. Later, I found out that he had another agreement paper as a basis for his claim. The paper was given to Catholic Stars to stage a protest against me as unqualified player to play for Wa All Stars," Gullit revealed.

“I was left to choose a year ban as a player or Wa All Stars stays at Division One, which I accepted the ban with a promise to join Lille Metropole in France but it didn’t work out. The ban was lifted after three months, which I later joined Eyimba in Nigeria for a month trial but the transfer money collapsed the deal.”

Gullit has now signed a pre-contract with FC Luzern at Switzerland.