Benedicta Owusu-Ansah writes:  Nora Hauptle Not Yet?

Published on: 29 February 2024
Benedicta Owusu-Ansah writes:  Nora Hauptle Not Yet?
Nora Hauptle

In the realm of Ghanaian football, Nora Hauptle's tenure as head coach of the Black Queens has sparked both admiration and debate. While many applaud her for rejuvenating the team's competitive edge, others caution against excessive praise until tangible achievements are secured.

Resurgence under Hauptle:

Since assuming leadership, Hauptle, a former Swiss international footballer, has ignited a resurgence in the Black Queens. Her arrival followed a period of stagnation, highlighted by the team's disappointing performance at the 2018 Africa Women’s Cup of Nations. Under Hauptle's guidance, the team embarked on an impressive streak of 10 games without defeat, showcasing renewed vigour and determination. Ghana lost to Namibia in the final qualifying round of the 2024 Women’s Africa Cup of Nations in December 2023 in South Africa which was her first defeat before they fell short in one of their biggest test under against a Zambian side which participated at the FIFA Women’s World Cup a year ago in Australia and New Zealand.

The Queens lost by a lone goal to the Copper bullets in Accra before a 3-3 draw in Ndola saw them crush out of the 2024 Paris Olympic qualifier.

Challenges and Setbacks:

However, the road to success has not been without obstacles. The Black Queens faced formidable opponents, including Zambia, a team with a strong presence in the international arena. Despite spirited efforts, Ghana fell short in critical encounters, emphasizing the need for further improvement and strategic development.

The Measure of Success:

While recognition of Hauptle's impact is warranted, it is essential to temper expectations until concrete achievements materialize. The ultimate litmus test awaits at the 2024 Women’s Africa Cup of Nations in Morocco, where Ghana's performance will reflect the effectiveness of Hauptle's leadership.

A Call for Realism:

Amidst fervent support and speculation, it is imperative to maintain a grounded perspective. Qualification alone does not suffice as an indicator of success. Hauptle's true legacy will be defined by tangible accomplishments, such as securing a trophy for the Black Queens—a task that remains paramount in reclaiming the team's former glory.

Looking Ahead:

As aspirations soar, it is crucial for stakeholders, including the Ghana Football Association and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, to provide unwavering support and resources to the Black Queens. Proper preparation and investment are essential to ensuring the team's competitive edge on the continental stage.


Nora Hauptle's tenure as head coach of the Black Queens represents a pivotal chapter in Ghanaian women's football. While her impact is undeniable, the journey towards sustained success is ongoing. Only through dedication, perseverance, and strategic planning can Hauptle guide the Black Queens to reclaim their status as a powerhouse in African football.

The Black Queens will be back on the continental stage later in the year to compete for the African championship. A title that has eluded Ghana's women's senior national team for far too long. Nora Hauptle can make a name for herself if she gets her hands on the trophy.