Black Princesses captain Afi Amenyeku pays tribute to ‘supportive’ grandfather

Published on: 26 March 2024

Black Princess captain, Afi Amenyeku has paid tribute to her supportive grandfather who has longed to see her football career yield results.

The Northern Ladies goalkeeper led the Princesses to beat Nigeria 2-1 in extra-time and win gold at the 2023 African Games hosted in Ghana.

She posted pictures of herself and her grandfather posing with her gold medal on social media that has now gone viral.

Afi has now explained the kind of connection she shares with her grandfather, saying he wants to continue making him proud in her football career.

“When my grandfather learned that I played football, he told me he dreamed of seeing me succeed,” she told Kumasi-based Akoma FM.

“He also always asks for cars and other things before he passes away, so I always remember this.

“My grandfather is someone I will never forget, and I hope to continue making him proud of my football career.”