Elmina Sharks coach Kwabena Amissah insists team is not relegated until the season is over

Published on: 12 May 2022

The head coach for Elmina Sharks, Kwabena Amissah has indicated that his team refuses to accept that it has been relegated until the final game of the season is played.

The team in Elmina after failing to be competitive in the Ghana Premier League throughout the 2021/22 football season is currently bottom of the league standings.

Will eleven points away from safety, it is almost impossible for the team to escape relegation.

However, Coach Kwabena Amissah is defiant and believes his team has what it takes to stay in the Premiership.

Speaking to Target FM, the gaffer says no one can declare his team has been relegated at this point of the season.

“Yes calculations can confirm our relegation but in football, everything can happen maybe the season can even be truncated so we as a club will continue to keep a cool head until the end of the season,” Coach Kwabena Amissah said.

He continued, “King Faisal started very well and now they're also struggling to win a game and that's football.”