‘I want to buy that club’ - Ghanaian business mogul Daniel McKorley expresses interest in buying Nottingham Forest

Published on: 10 October 2023

Dr. Daniel McKorley, a prominent Ghanaian businessman, has declared his intention to acquire the Premier League club, Nottingham Forest.

The CEO of the McDan Group of Companies made this announcement during a Joy Thought Leadership seminar held at the Labadi Beach Hotel on Monday.

At 52 years old, McKorley disclosed that Nottingham Forest is the only club he supports, aside Ghana Premier League team, Great Olympics.

“The only team I support in the world apart from Oly [Great Olympics] is Nottingham Forest,” Daniel McKorley said.

“I have been a supporter of Nottingham Forest when Nottingham was even in the third division. Why? Because I want to buy that team. I want to buy Nottingham Forest imagine with all this development going on.”

He adds that he hopes the investment in the local football system will yield results to the extent that more than half of the team will be made up of Ghanaians playing in the Premier League.

“McDan buys Nottingham Forest and every time you see about 60% of the players [in the team] from the English league are from Ghana.”