May 9th Foundation President Herbert Mensah commemorates tragic event, urges remembrance and reflection

Published on: 09 May 2024

On May 9th, the president of the May 9th Foundation and former CEO of Asante Kotoko, Herbert Mensah, released a statement in observance of May 9th Remembrance Day.

The tragic incident occurred during a football match between Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko at the Accra Sports Stadium, where angry fans threw bottles and other objects onto the field in response to a disputed referee decision.

The situation escalated when law enforcement used tear gas, and the stadium gates were closed, leading to a devastating stampede. In his statement, Mensah emphasized the importance of remembering the victims and the families affected by the tragedy.

"May 9th is back again where I try to let Ghanaians not forget the symbolism of this date yes a 126 plus died actually a lot more," Mensah said. "We try to remember we say our prayers and we remember the families as well and that is critical."

Mensah also highlighted the importance of celebrating life and the resilience of those who survived the tragedy. "We also celebrate life the children of those who survived who have grown many are those I am very close with on a regular basis," he added.

Through the May 9th Foundation, Mensah has been working to ensure that the victims of the tragedy are not forgotten, and that their families receive the support they need.