'National team call-ups are more than just bonuses' - Sports Minister criticizes players

Published on: 10 July 2023

In a scathing rebuke, Minister for Youth and Sports, Mustapha Ussif, took aim at national team players for their perceived lack of appreciation for the privilege of representing their country and the rare opportunity to don the national colors.

Rather than focusing on the tournament and their performance on the field, Ussif criticized the players' fixation on bonuses.

Addressing the 29th GFA Ordinary Congress in Kumasi on Monday, July 10, Ussif called for greater accountability and transparency in the FA's dealings, ranging from stewardship and financial transactions to sponsorship agreements with both foreign and local partners.

Expressing his frustration, Ussif voiced his astonishment at the players' misplaced priorities.

“I find it very difficult to comprehend and understand that the state will make all the resources available by making sure that we want to give the opportunity to all our national teams, get their flight tickets for camping opportunities, accommodate them for a very long period, feed them, give them trial matches, then when these players get to the tournament, instead of focusing on the tournament, the focus is now on bonuses.

“It is time for our players to value the national colours, the flag of our country, the flag of our nation.”